Distt. Attock Pakistan
  Registered with Govt. of Pakistan and UK.
Aimed at providing health care facilities and education to the poor and needy free of cost and at reduced rates to those who can afford.

Allah Almighty Says:

Changing Pakistan through education


  • Donate your Zakat and Sadaqats for free education of poor students

  • Sponsor education of student (Rs. 4500/month) or (£30/month)

  • Provide us consultancy / teaching in the trust on volunteer basis

  • Be friend of trust and help us in raising funds

  • Help us in establishing a latest computer laboratory

  • Construct a classroom (Rs. 400,000)

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  • Construct a modern and well equipped medical centre in village Kamal Pur Musa where all primary health care / maternity and minor operation facilities is available free of cost to the poor people.
  • Provide medical consultancy free of charge / reduced rates to the patient especially children and women of Attock and surrounding areas. Subsequently to extend this facility to the patients of other areas also.
  • Provide free medicines to the poor, when possible.
  • Establish a modern School/College in the area so that poor students can be given free quality education.
  • To undertake special projects in the field of social welfare like assisting unmarried women in arranging their dowry, jobs and establishing their own business.


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Chhachh valley is part of district Attock, which is a remote and under-developed area of Punjab province. It is located between River Indus and Grand Trunk Road in North West of Punjab. This valley is a cluster of hundred villages where Pathan and other tribes are living since centuries. Pushto and Hindkoo are the commonly spoken languages. The land is highly fertile and people are industrious. Majority of the inhabitants were associated with farming which can no longer sustain the people due to increase in population, small holding of lands and lack of infrastructure. A good number of people are settled abroad as well following the tradition of migration of their Afghan ancestor

The inhabitants are facing tremendous problems in the field of health, education and human resource development. Consequently majority of population is forced to live in impoverished conditions. The situation is going from bad to worse with a number of people living below the poverty line.

This area has been void of any worth-while medical facility for the treatment of maternity till today. Consequently there have been many cases of fatalities due to delayed medical care. There is only one government hospital in the area which is unable to meet the requirements of the population of more than 600,000 people. Condition of government hospital and basic health units is highly deplorable. Adequate staff and equipment is not available. People are forced to go to private hospitals which majority cannot afford. Consequently poor and needy women are left at the mercy of un-qualified mid- wives even in today’s world.

In the field of education, government has established schools in almost every major village. These schools are however in extreme bad condition. Teachers are not available and schools lack basic facilities like furniture and classrooms etc.

Meager government spending on health and education has further increased the gap between the needs and the availability. Realizing the need that it cannot be left to the government alone to alleviate the situation, a trust by the name of “CHILD WELFARE TRUST” has been formed and registered with the Government of Pakistan and UK.



Medical Sector

Constructing modern and well equipped medical centres with all primary health care / maternity and minor operation facilities.

  • Constructing Medical Centers
  • Provide Medical Consultancy
  • Free Medicines

Education Sector

Working effortlessly for provisioning of educational institutes and improving upon the standard of education in outreach areas.

  • Establishing Schools
  • Helping Poor Students

Social Welfare

Undertake special projects in the field of social welfare like assisting unmarried women in arranging their dowry, jobs and establishing their own business.

Encouragement & Guidance


We take our guidance from Allah SWT and life of Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Our best source of encouragement is your support. No welfare project can succeed without generous people donating in efforts, time and money.


We are thankful to all the team of CWT for their dedication and contributions.

We are also thankful to our sister organizations especially Al-Mustafa Trust.