Distt. Attock Pakistan
  Registered with Govt. of Pakistan and UK.
Aimed at providing health care facilities and education to the poor and needy free of cost and at reduced rates to those who can afford.


District Attock is an under-developed area and seriously lacking in basic amenities. Many ladies cross their marriageable age merely due to non-availability of ‘Jahez’ (dowry). This situation has become the root-cause of many social evils. To help the poor and needy people, Child Welfare Trust has launched a scheme through which items necessary for marriage of their daughters are provided free of cost. Initially two cases per month are being entertained due to resource constraints, which will (Inshallah) be increased as the situation improves

  • Books
      Holy Quran
      Bible (for christian Brides)
  • Furniture
      Two Beds
      Two Sets Complete Bedding
      Two Chairs Wooden
      One Table Wooden
  • Utility Items
      One Dinner Set
      One Tea Set
      One Water Set
      One Pedastal Fan
      One Water Cooler
  • Toiletries
      All items required for a newly wed couple.
  • Kitchenary
      All necessary items.
  • Package Cost
      Rs 200,000/- (£ 1250)

CHHACHH Hospital

Donate for free treatment of patients visit: Al-Mustafa Trust


People in Distt Attock, like the entire country, are facing serious problems of un-employment. This problem is being aggravated every day due to un-proportional increase in the population. The government alone cannot address this problem, hence the Child Welfare Trust has started a sewing machine scheme for the people so that they can utilize it to earn their livelihood

  • Ten sewing machines per month are distributed for the ladies / men, who need it to supplement their earnings
  • Trust is also trying to arrange bulk stitching orders, for further distribution to the beneficiaries of this scheme
  • Each machine costs Rs 10,000 (£70)

Sewing Machine Scheme

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